4 Certified Tips to Secure the Best One Way Car Rental Service!

So, you’ve recently planned a hiking trip to X and Y location and you heard about those one-way car rentals in Toronto services. The brochure stated to simply book a cab and your certified driver will drop you off at your designated destination? Sounds simple, right?

Not that much, it seems! Imagine that you booked a one way rented a car only to find out that the brochure and the required price is not matching. What a sour beginning to a backpacking trip!

Hence, to avoid the above pre-assumed scenario, there are few expert tips to book one-way car hires to prevent chances of possible mishaps-

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Tip number 1: First verify the company is a one-way vehicle rental one!

Not all companies that rent a car are one-way rentals. So, first and foremost do your research. Search out websites that offer one-way vehicle rentals or you can check to see if your selected car hire service offers multiple drop locations or not. Only once you pen down a few names contact the companies to state your requirements.

Tip number 2: Ensure that the rental service goes far enough

A common mistake done by impulsive travellers is not verifying the distance a car rentals in Toronto is willing to go. Sometimes car hires don’t go beyond the city. So, if you’re backpacking or vacationing, it can put a damper in your plans to be dropped off midway. Hence, instead of requesting hours to find out if they go beyond the city or not.

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Tip number 3: the vehicle is also important

If you’re a solo traveler going for a mini car is a good option. However, if you’re backpacking with a group you’re bound to carry baggage. Hence, it’s wise to ask your one time car hire the type of vehicles they offer.  

For travelers, the best option is a 4X4 SUV as these even offer off-roading options in case your travel destination is up in the woods or hills.

Tip number 4: Search out fees and ancillary expenses  

Don’t go just by the stated price, before you select your one-way car rentals in Toronto service; find out all about the entire expenses. Here are 4 expenses to look out for –

  •    Rental fee

Ask your selected service what is the entire rental fee. The entire fee will be a little higher as the car service station is to include gas, mileage etc.

  •    Gas fee

Is the gas fee inclusive of the rental fee or is it an extra add-on? Find this out by properly questioning your selected car service.

  •     Mileage fees and insurance cost

The mileage fees might add up if you include extra Kilometers on your one-way trip. So, it’s best to find out beforehand the cost of the mileage fees in advance, so that you carry enough cash in case you’ve got to add KM’s.

Further, ask about insurance fees too; if you’re traveling to a different country then insurance fees for certain car rentals in Toronto services might be higher.

Well, there you go! The 4 certified one time car hire tips to make sure you get the best deal. Now, don’t worry about being charged extra or dropped halfway and enjoy your car rentals in Toronto service best by implementing the above-mentioned tips.