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How Do Armored Trucks Help with Military Operations?

An armored truck is an armored fighting vehicle that is widely used in military operations. Not only is it used in direct engagement with enemy forces but have a number of uses in internal security, armed escort and several other minor battlefield operations. When compared to other heavyweight armored vehicles such as tanks, trucks have more mobility and can be used for a variety of functions. Some of the most common military uses of armored trucks have been discussed below:

Armored Trucks Can Run on Deflated Tires

In an area of conflict, one has to be prepared for everything that can happen during transportation between two points. A situation might arise on the way which might cause damage to the vehicle. Unlike an ordinary protection vehicle, an armored truck can take damage and still run effectively.

The body is made from sturdy material and the windows and the body is designed to deflect exterior attacks. Armored trucks can also run on deflated tires for a significant distance till the passengers are returned to safety. This makes it one of the most popular choices for of transportation by military officials in warlike zones.


The bulk and weight of military vehicles are often an important factor of strength if they are not meant for stealth operations. A regular armored armored truckstruck, which weighs over 27 tons, is one such bulky vehicle which is used widely in the military. Certain situations in areas of conflict might require the vehicle to push past debris and other such obstacles. In this situation, armored trucks can prove to be of great use. It can make transportation possible for the military in an otherwise non-navigable area.

Uses in Internal Security

Armored trucks and cars are also used popularly for internal security and peacekeeping functions. Since the size of these trucks is not as big a confrontational tanks, they are comparatively easy to navigate and more compatible for congested urban streets in most cities. They may not match up to tracked vehicles in every respect but an armored truck does have a bigger turning radius and is better capable of navigating through obstacles.

Therefore, trucks are now being used in several military operations as modern designs have made them more efficient. Certain civilian vehicles can also be armored and used by the military for improvised uses in combat. If the truck is to be used in confrontation it also has a mounted machine gun along with its light armor.

Other Military Uses

Armored trucks are far less expensive than tracked vehicles and offer better speed on the road. However, their off road abilities leaves something wanting. Their capabilities of claiming obstacles and blockages are also acceptable but not exceptional. Hence, these trucks are generally not used in full confrontational situations. Instead, they are used by the military for transportation and communication is potential conflict areas. These are better suited for control and command and not for heavy fighting, even though they might be used for transportation of soldiers and military equipment. Read this article on the increasing use of armored car by CEO’s.

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